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Discussion in 'Website and Forum Administration' started by Thommo, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Thommo

    Thommo Administrator Staff Member

    Lots of changes and some more to come (layout etc).

    Everyone should be able to log in using their existing usernames and passwords, however one thing that for some odd reason, we couldn't get to migrate over was everyone's avatars. Why? We don't know. We also don't know why the post thread and post count doesn't show up on the index page yet all the threads and posts are there.

    Any issues, please post here or via someone else so can sort it as soon as possible. I'll edit this post as needed with further information.
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  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats Thommo, it's been a while, but well worth it. Greta effort on your part. lemme buy you a bit of neck oil next time we meet.
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  3. Snow

    Snow Member

    Thanks Thommo, your efforts are much appreciated.
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  4. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger Administrator Staff Member

    When I click on "New Posts" it only shows some of the new posts....
  5. Thommo

    Thommo Administrator Staff Member

    yeah... I've noticed when I click on new posts, I then look to the far right of screen and Ive found " mark forums read" and " Recent Posts".
    Recent posts seems to be better.
  6. M Roadster

    M Roadster Member

  7. Shoey

    Shoey Active Member

    Great work Thommo, a very fresh look.
    Shoey & Lola.
  8. Tallin

    Tallin Member

    Looks great mate Cheers
  9. TonyR

    TonyR New Member

    Can I or where can I change the order of the listings, eg Newest at the TOP of the page, cheers
  10. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member


    what order are you seeing the posts in a selected thread, at the moment?

    I will try and find where the settings are, but to be honest, when I opened up here at the new site for the first time, the posts were always "latest at the bottom" in any selected thread.

    it is a natural way of reading things, (left to right, top to bottom). I don't actually recall an alternative in this format to place latest posts in a thread, at the top.

    ***update*** seems the order of display of posts/responses in a selected thread, is controlled thru the settings in the back room. it is not a personal user option.
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  11. Helixxx

    Helixxx Member

    How about having a set number of posts per page?
    It’s a bit of a pita to have to scroll through all the posts to get to the most recent, especially on long posts

  12. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

  13. Helixxx

    Helixxx Member

    Well, bugger me, never too old to learn.
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  14. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    in your case...never too late to start.
  15. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger Administrator Staff Member

    The search function doesn't search the posts from the previous forum, only the new ones on this forum
  16. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    I think Thommo still has some indexing and 'fine tuning' to complete.

    Duly noted tho' Pete.

  17. Thommo

    Thommo Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I'm still trying to find the cause of why the search index isn't searching the old forum posts. When I first ported the old forum into the offline test xenforo, every single post and thread ever made was locked and required moderator approval for some odd reason. Took me a while to sort the SQL queries to mass unlock it. On a whole, moving everything was pretty painless, just little things that need fettling.

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