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Discussion in 'Future Assaults' started by Martyn, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    Hi all,

    For those of us that want to ride in Tasmania but don't like boats I was wondering has anyone sent their bike to and from Tassie unaccompanied before? If so any idea of prices?


  2. GregW

    GregW Active Member

    You could ride it onboard, get off the ferry and meet ferry in Tas and ride it off.....................Bob's my brother:)
  3. Werner

    Werner Member

    That should work if you move the bike on a day when at least one of us is on the ship Martyn just in case you're delayed.
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member


    When we came back from Tassie in 2011, one of our group, hurt himself during the ferry crossing back to Melbourne. He could not get down to the car deck to ride his bike off. We tried to convince the staff, that one of us would (after getting our own bike off) come back on board and remove the offending bike. Our big issue was, it was a clutchless FJR (AS), and unless you know the vagaries of starting/moving that version at low speed, you have no chance.

    Ferry staff flatly refused to allow us to get the rider-less bike off the ship.

    Fly me from Perth, and I'll do the transport stage for you mate. Hell, I'll even spot you for a latte in Devonport when I hand the keys back to you. ;)
  5. Qtr Horse

    Qtr Horse Member

    Awww! seriously? It's not so hard to drag the back brake. I bought my AS "electronic" clutch in Tas and had no issues riding it on and off the ferry with zero practice before hand.

    And next in line for riding on and off the ferry for you Martin. Even if it does have one of those lever thingies on the left handle bar! :confused:;)
  6. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    The apes on the vehicle deck had no idea how to get neutral or first gear. If I recall correctly, Laurie (who was riding his own AS at the time) walked down the ramp (and stopped short of the boat itself) and YELLED instructions to them. Whatever, it was a debacle.

    Martyn......want my email address to send the flight boarding pass to? I am a loyal customer of your airline :D
  7. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger Administrator Staff Member

    Mate i'm with you there. I usually get on board, have a shower, have something to eat then pop a couple of sleeping pills. Sleep through it all and wake up in Tassie.

    I haven't done the transport thing mate but I hear good things about this mob, $450.

  8. Werner

    Werner Member

    I've used "bikes only" a few years ago to tpt my bikes from Sydney to Townsville Martyn. Not cheap but provided a good service and did everything as promised.
  9. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    Thanks Greg but I asked this question and they said a big no.

    Thanks Werner its under due consideration but I am juggling a boat phobia with my miserly nature and 450 either way plus airfares start adding up

    Steve your all heart mate.
  10. Fjr13

    Fjr13 New Member

    Hi Martyn,
    I live over in Burnie Tasmania, I am thinking of joining you guys and I have never been on any of these adventures.
    If are were prepared to pay for my flights and accomodation on the boat, I should be able to bring your bike over, ill leave it up to you.

    Hopefully I will get to catch up with everyone in 2019.

  11. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    Thanks Colin, I will keep it in mind.
  12. GregW

    GregW Active Member

    Yep, I would recommend "Bikes Only" as they carted my bike from Jindabyne to my door about $840
    And I will say again to the members who packed my bike up THANK YOU

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