Tassie Assault 2019 Expressions of Interest

Discussion in 'Future Assaults' started by The White Tiger, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger Administrator Staff Member

    Gday all,

    As per the poll, the next Assault will be in Tassie, March/April 2019 (exact Dates to be confirmed).

    As March/April is in the peak tourist season for Tassie, work needs to be started NOW on sourcing discounts for ferry tickets and group accommodation. From previous experience, some of these things will need deposits and some will need to be fully paid for by certain dates.

    I'm sorry there isn't more information right now. I just got back riding the proposed routes a couple of weeks ago and can tell you, you won't be disappointed in the scenery or the roads :)

    I understand most won't be able to fully commit right now but, so that we can get an idea of numbers, can I please ask for your Expression of Interest in attending by commenting on this thread.

  2. AndrewS

    AndrewS Member

  3. Jimw

    Jimw Member

    Yep, should be up to it!
  4. Quackz

    Quackz Member

    Hopefully would be a great adventure for sure
  5. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    I am in
  6. Shoey

    Shoey Active Member

    Linda and I are in, looking forward to it.
    Shoey & Lola.
  7. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

  8. TonyR

    TonyR New Member

    Yes, I would be interested
  9. Werner

    Werner Member

    I'll be there.
  10. steveking

    steveking Member

    Hi all I will be there all things being equal
  11. GregW

    GregW Active Member

    Yep, I'm in for my last assault before I retire from my riding days..................as long as I am well away from the "jinx" and the mulga boy:(
  12. Bulldog

    Bulldog Member

    I am in
  13. dblakem1

    dblakem1 New Member

    Sounds good. Count me in.
  14. MildThing

    MildThing Member

    Obviously all depends on work committments and employment status, but I'd like to think I can do this. I'll add it to part of my annual visit to Tas, if the timing is right
  15. AHAMAY

    AHAMAY Member

    I'll copy and quote MildThing's response for myself!
    "Obviously all depends on work committments and employment status, but I'd like to think I can do this."

    Finger's crossed! Would love to make this trip - never been to Tassie...
  16. Gus

    Gus Member

    a no for me,
    I'll be on the boat to Tassie 28th April this year :p
    Steve likes this.
  17. GlennE

    GlennE Member

    Pam and myself are looking forward to Tassie, all going good we will be there.
  18. Chickenman

    Chickenman Member

    Hopefully will be there.

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