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Discussion in 'New Forum Members' started by Dicko, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Dicko

    Dicko New Member

    G'day all. Thought I'd best do the polite thing and introduce myself.

    I live in Wagga, NSW (have done since 1992 when the RAAF posted me here, I got out and never left). Married with 2 boys (28 and 22). My wife rides a GSR750, eldest boy has a FZ6S and the youngest has just got his L's (we bought him a CB125E to learn on). I'm a member of a MMC (Military Motorcycle Club).

    My self, I've been riding for close to 22 years. In that time I've owned a GN250, GR650, GSX600F and a Bandit 1200. See a pattern there?

    Anyway after 15 years and 108,000km I figured it was time to replace the ageing Bandit. The budget was tight, and I managed to buy a 2006 FJR1300 for $10400 (change over) in mid January. It had around 48500km on it.

    I'd test ridden few FJR's over the years and always figured it'd be the next bike after the Bandit. But I'd always figured the FJR was just a little too much touring for my liking and I wasn't ready for that. Then in December I took this one for a ride, and while it didn't make me 'fizz' like the 1000cc naked sports bike (GSX1000s) I'd been drooling over I was absolutely in my happy place. I felt immediately at home.

    Ok, yes there's been a few things I need to get used to. The extra weight for starters. Then there that bloody throttle, damn it's stiff, but according to all the reports I've read it's a common complaint, along with the rather abrupt throttle response from a just off throttle. My only real complaint, and it's quite minor, is that I find the gearbox to be not as smooth as the Suzuki. I could be quite lazy on the gear changes on all my Suzuki's, not so much on this. I suppose that will come with time. Either that or I'll just get used to it.

    Anyway that's enough dribble. Talk to you all later.
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  2. Qtr Horse

    Qtr Horse Member

    Welcome to the forum Dicko.
    Nice colour blue! Much faster than those boring black ones ;)
  3. Dicko

    Dicko New Member

    I actually prefer black as a colour for bikes.

    Ah, and not only is this my first Yamaha, it's also the first bike I've owned that's not black or (predominately) white.
  4. The White Tiger

    The White Tiger Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum mate :)
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  5. Shoey

    Shoey Active Member

    Welcome to the forum Dicko, enjoy the ride. I have a mate in Wagga whom I visit now and then, maybe get a chance to meet up.
    Shoey & Lola.
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  6. Jimw

    Jimw Member

    Wagga, was just there, see my writeup elsewhere on this forum. Would have loved to catchup and have a local ride. You cant have too many. Its a bit like sheds!
  7. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    welcome Dicko.

    ex RAAF myself...... CLKFA. Never got posted to BSWAG but saw enough of it through attachments and courses.

    you'll love the FJR. Lots of tips, tricks and helpful advice here
  8. Thommo

    Thommo Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Mick, Bikeme yes?

    The FJR will pick it's skirts up and move surprisingly well once you get used to it.
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  9. Dicko

    Dicko New Member

    Yes Bikeme - b12mick over there. Yep I've discovered that while the FJR doesn't quite give the same initial kick the b12 did, it just keeps pulling like a train.

    One thing I did discover on the weekend using a GPS is that the speedo is remarkably accurate. No more than 3km out. The Bandit was as much as 10km out at 110+
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