January/February 2018 photo Comp

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  1. Steve

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    Gday all, usual rules apply :)

    1. You MUST own copyright of the photo, or have permission to use it. (Get the image owner to send me a PM providing permission)

    2. It must have an FJR in it or directly related to it.

    3. The photo must have been taken during the competition month(s)

    4. Please take photos in the highest settings your camera can do.

    5. Thread/comp runs until midnight of the last day of the month (February 2018)

    6. We will then close the thread, select top 5 photographs, then place a poll for forum members to vote on.

    7. Poll runs for 5 days. (same conditions as #1)

    8. New image is declared and the winner is posted into the banner for the next month.

    Good luck everyone

    ***Not sure how to post photos to the forum/thread? Check here: http://www.fjr13.org/forum/index.php?threads/uploading-pictures.4/
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    There’s gnome place like home...
  5. Shoey

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    Looks like a bit of a gnomelty to me:).
    Shoey & Lola.

    AHAMAY Member

    If I'd gnome there was gonna be puns, I wouldn't have come to this page!
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    *Slips out the back door...............Phew, no one saw me*


  9. Steve

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    Bribing Admin by including my award? You'll go far Padwan.
  10. OX-34

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    A simple parked-up pic at Gingers Creek on the Oxley Highway
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