Front Wheel Bearings

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  1. AndrewS

    AndrewS Member

    Hi all, off on a ride into the Victorian High Country and then into NSW next week so I decided to do some maintenance on the FJR (2001 model).
    Today I decided to replace the front wheel bearings.
    The originals were NSK's 60/22DU while the replacement All Balls Racing Kit (17-2085) are KML's 60/22-2RD.
    After replacing the bearings I noticed that the internal wheel hub spacer was such a snug fit that it actually came in contact with the inner racer on both bearings and stopped them from doing what they were supposed to do, rotate.
    As another exercise I re-installed the old bearings and had the same problem (???).
    There is no damage to the "seat" of the bearing inside the hub.
    I was wondering if any one else has encountered this problem?
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  2. Bernie

    Bernie Active Member

    The inner race is not supposed to rotate, it's in direct contact with the axle, which does not rotate. The outer race rotates with the wheel.
  3. AndrewS

    AndrewS Member

    Thanks for your reply Bernie. I wasn't thinking about the entirety of the assembly - the outer collars and torqued axle (together with the inner spacer) all stop the inner race from rotating.

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