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  1. dblakem1

    dblakem1 New Member

    is this normal when cold ? Or shall I adjust the clutch ?
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    The FJR always draws a crowd when engaging first gear.

    Try holding the clutch in for a bit longer for the first engagement.
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  3. dblakem1

    dblakem1 New Member

    Thanks. Thought that should do it. Not really ridden it on the road yet - just finished repairs to body, so just starting and punting a few metres around the property. Roadworth tomoz and then a VIV. 1 month I recon, and I should be terrorising the locals
  4. john foley

    john foley Member

    Hi Yes when cold I do let it idle with the clutch in and I rock the bike back and forward to free the clutch plates before I engage first gear. John
  5. Bernie

    Bernie Active Member

  6. dblakem1

    dblakem1 New Member

    Thanks guys, the forum does its job once again !
  7. Big mick

    Big mick Member

    start it in gear with the clutch in.

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