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    Looking for ideas for a Bike Trailer, Design Ideas, Do's & Don'ts, Manufactors
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    Things to look at are 1. Aerodynamics, a big flat front (and back) on a trailer is like an air brake, it will significantly increase drag and fuel consumption. 2. Suspension, poor suspension will cause the trailer to bounce along the road. This has no effect on the bike, but it will bash all the contents of the trailer to pieces. Ideally, the suspension should have independent swing arms with coil springs and shock absorbers. 3. Wheels, the wheels should be as big as possible, small 8 inch wheels spin too fast, it's difficult to get good tyres, and they wear out very fast. 4.Weight, the lighter the better. A heavy trailer has a significant effect on acceleration and braking, particularly braking, the trailer could overpower the bike. 5. The draw bar should be fairly long, a short draw bar increases the tendency for the trailer to sway violently, sometimes enough to put the bike down.

    The one manufacturer in Australia who came close to this ideal, is Shadow Trailers in Adelaide, but I have no idea if he is still in business or not. His one mistake was to put small wheels on his trailers.
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    Performance trailers in sydney.

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