2016 FJR Issue

Discussion in 'Is there a doctor in the house?' started by Roguedog, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Hello All,

    Got a glitch with my 2016 FJR, runs a bit rough when trying to cruise at a steady speed, surging almost. Particularly noticeable when using cruise control. The slower I'm going the more I feel it. Runs fine when accelerating, however last Thursday it would idle but not accelerate at all after running fine for 10 minutes then turned off for an hour. Cleared itself after a few minutes minutes and two or three restarts.

    Bike still under warranty, will visit a dealer soon but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Helixxx

    Helixxx Member

    Take that trailer off the back :whistle: :whistle:
  3. Steve

    Steve Administrator Staff Member

    ...and dis-engage "off-road" mode ;-)
  4. john foley

    john foley Member

    HI Have you got a tank of bad fuel, are the battery bolts tight. TT
  5. Diversion

    Diversion New Member

    I was guessing bad fuel too you might have gotten a load of water and crud a tank of e10 or e85 if you can find it may clean things up or dump in a bottle of metho. Other issues could be power related it's old enough now for spider bite type problems to crop up and if Yamaha hasn't redesigned the looms to prevent them it is very likely that a connector is breaking contact when hot. One other member reported an as yet unofficial spider problem in a connector that is not part of the previous recall.
  6. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    That was my 2014 FJR Helixxx, the 16 hasn't had the trailer on or been exploring any off road ravines yet.
    Insurance for that off road escapade hasn't been sorted yet, I picked the wrong repairer to do a quote.
    How is you?

  7. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Which button Steve?
  8. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Thanks John, will check that out. It accelerates fine though.
  9. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

  10. Tallin

    Tallin Member

    I'm pretty sure that Ken mentioned in a older post that the Gen 4 had the same shitty designs for the spiders so if it isnt fuel I would check them .
  11. GregW

    GregW Active Member

    Ride it on sealed roads Bill, not in the Mulga :whistle: :lol:
  12. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Thankyou everyone, much appreciated.

    Wrong bike Greg!!!

  13. Jimw

    Jimw Member

    Crack me up Gweggie, par excellence in wittery.

    Dear Mulga, I feel for you having to suffer the slings and arrows of all these uneducated masses!
  14. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Thanks Jimw, love it all.

    Update on cruise issue, took it into Maroochy Yamaha, they checked it out and found throttle bodies out of sync, balanced them (no charge). Mechanic said a Power Commander might be needed. Is better but not perfect.

    I compare it to my car which is very smooth, am I expecting too much?
  15. predator

    predator Guest

    Is this a new to you bike? Why throttles out of sync? Should be syncd every 10k service...admitedly i disnt do mine last service and it surges...

    Which leads me to spark plugs, air filter etc all the basics..battery

  16. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

  17. steveking

    steveking Member

    Hi Mulga, my bike is running like a clock...no issues at all, smooth as at all times, even on cruise. Just got back from an overnighter to Bingara above Tamworth, on cruise a lot and no issues. I don't think it is throttle body related but please keep us updated 26500 ks up so far. Good luck with it.
  18. Roguedog

    Roguedog Member

    Will do Steve, haven't had it into another dealer yet.

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